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Why should I participate in beauty pageant? 2017-03-27T22:58:03+00:00
  • One positive aspect of beauty pageants is the fact that one can really become good at public speaking and performing in front of large groups.
  • Winning and participating in pageants can lead to great prizes and opportunities for those who are involved.
  • The confidence you gain will be there when you do other things that challenge you and you will have the self-esteem to do what you want.
  • self-control and discipline
  • Participants are given a chance to show off their talent.
  • Get rid of your stage fright.
  • Involvement in community and charity project
  • Develop your self-esteem, confidence, communication and leadership skills
What are the objectives of UNAE? 2017-03-27T22:52:32+00:00
  • To promote Nepalese talent abroad
  • To promote Nepal and rich Nepalese cultural heritage
  • To showcase opportunity in Nepal, within the Nepalese community
  • Introduce the Australian community to Nepalese talents
  • Showcase Nepalese talents opportunities in Nepal & Australia
  • Unite various Nepalese youth talents under one platform
  • Create an opportunity for youth talent to promote & support Nepalese community‚Äôs projects.
  • Women empowerment
What is UNAE? 2017-03-25T12:59:31+00:00

UNAE is an acronym for United Nepalese Arts & Entertainment, and it was established in 2010 by Bhoma, Shamim, Sunita and Tek to support youths and showcase their talents in Australia.